venerdì 20 settembre 2013


Hair: [Elikatira] Listen.
Dress: ::Poised:: Raid. GIFT
Headband: MARKETPLACE .::Y&R::. Big bow hairband 1L (boxed). 1L$


Complete Outfit: ToXiC HiGh SteamPunk. HUNT
Hair: Tukinowaguma Maria. GIFT
HeadBand: { d o l l l e * } Cat Ears Leather Head Band. GIFT

giovedì 19 settembre 2013


                 Complete Outfit: MARKETPLACE D&G Daddy's Girl Tee & Panty Set (Tango). 0L$


                                       Outfit-Shoes: MARKETPLACE .::FLG::.Piranha ::. 0L$


Skin: MDL Petronela Dollarbie. GIFT
Hair: [Elikatira] Sound.
Dress: MARKETPLACE [HON]-party dress-pink dress. 0L$
Hat: MARKETPLACE [HON] Kawaii trapper hat. 0L$
Shoes: MARKETPLACE *Aphrodite* - rose. 0L$


Skin: AL VULO! Cecilia. GIFT
Hair: MARKETPLACE Me-I = GG (B) - All Color. 0L$
Top: MARKETPLACE MiniTankMeshPeace-Syfe. 0L$
Pant: {PopTart} Pervy Panties. Group Gift
Hat: {PopTart} Spiked Out Cap (Black). Group Gift
Boots: *CocoDesign* BeltedAnkleBoots. GIFT
Tattoo: *So&So* Tiger unisex.

mercoledì 18 settembre 2013


Skin: [HUSH]Summer skin. GIFT
Hair: ""D!VA"" Hair mana. GIFT
Shirt: "VoguE"Shar lingerie. GIFT
Belt: *HolliPocket*Spank me belt mini. HUNT
Shoes: MOIMOI Spike Egg High Heel V1 Fatpack. GIFT


Skin: MARKETPLACE.:Panda Punx:. Myri Sunkissed Skin GIFT
Hair: .PLOOM. Yuri. 
Shirt: *HolliPocket*Daydrem HUNT
Pant: ***TCHUCA DESIGN***Outfit love me. GIFT
Shoes: MOIMOINatalia Outfit. GIFT


Skin: MARKETPLACE Panda Punx Violeta Sept. Skin GIFT
Hair: ElikatiraSound.
Dress: *VoguE*  of the Month (July) GIFT
Shoes:-CHANDELLE-  [FREE] 2013#3 - Shoe Cice #2 Black


Skin: [AL VULO!][Cecilia] [Glitter Mocaccino]. GIFT
Hair: *VoguE* Gift of the Mth (Feb)
Dress: *VoguE* Gift of the Month (Aug).
Shoes: TARA SHOES*wear me* Group gift KOURTNEY TOP Shoes Black


Skin: STUFF IN STOCk So&So Tara skin medium and Tara skin pale.
Tattoo: STUFF IN STOCk So&So Tattoo Peacock.

martedì 17 settembre 2013


Hair: [BURLEY] Stasia.
Shirt & Boots: .::Killa DesignZ::. Fall. GIFT
Pant: MoiMoi Boutique Skinny Jeans Fatpack. GIFT

martedì 19 marzo 2013


Skin: AL VULO! Ramona.
Hair: [ELIKATIRA] Only
Dress: SASSY Starlet gown for Tango Train Hunt


Hair: [ELIKATIRA] Interrupt.
Dress: SASSY St. Patrick's Day 2013 Group Gift


Skin: AL VULO! Alyss. GIFT
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Sierra.
Top,Pant: SASSY Pink Fusion Hunt Prize.
Shoes: -CHANDELLE- Mya.


Shirt: SOeSO 

mercoledì 13 marzo 2013


Skin: AL VULO! Alyss. GIFT
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Rashida.
Dress: 1HUNDRED Misunderstood. Light blue-Fuxia


Skin: AL VULO! Ramona.
Hair: [ELIKATIRA] Listen.
Dress: 1HUNDRED Tini Tux white-pink.

lunedì 11 marzo 2013


Skin: AL VULO! Vero.
Hair: [BURLEY] Stasia.
Shirt: SOeSO 1.SandBrownYellow 2.SandYellowGreen 3.SandBlueGreen 4.SandGreen

domenica 10 marzo 2013


Skin: [SHOCK] Kisha glamour skin. GIFT
Hair: MISS.C Ayla.
Dress: SASSY! Night Out dress. deep pink-teal.
Nails: ::VIVA VOCE:: Black Nails. GIFT


Skin: [HUSH] Jenuary-Shiver GIFT
Hair: [ELIKATIRA] Return.
Dress: SASSY! Love is a Battlefield - Twisted Delirium Hunt.
Shoes: -CHANDELLE- Shoe Mya Brown.


Skin: AL VULO! Alyss. GIFT
Hair: [ELIKATIRA] Listen.
Body: SASSY Lace mockneck bodysuit. White-Black.


Skin: AL VULO! Lalli.
Hair: [ELIKATIRA] With.
Top: SASSY Sheer silk top- Brown.
Skirt: SASSY Instinct Skirt- Leopard.


Hair: [ELIKATIRA] Over.
Shirt: [M.O.W] Broke Dany Top.
Pant: [M.O.W] Gray Baggy Jean.

sabato 9 marzo 2013


Skin: ::WOW:: Suraya. GIFT
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dawson.
Dress: [M.O.W] B&B Minidress.


Dress: [M.O.W] Uma Tank.

Dress: [M.O.W] Indy Dress.

Dress: [M.O.W] Cream Tunic Dress.

Skin: AL VULO! Ramona.
Hair: [ELIKATIRA] Conclusion.


Skin: AL VULO! Alyss. GIFT
Hair: [ELIKATIRA] Sound.
Jacket: [M.O.W] Black-White T-shirt Pro Jacket.
Skirt: [M.O.W] Leather Skirt Black.


Jacket: [M.O.W] Crazy Open Sweater.
Pant: [M.O.W] Styled Jeans Inxes.
Shoes: [M.O.W] Urban Sneakers RED-BLACK.

Shirt: [M.O.W] White Tank Pocket.
Pant: [M.O.W] Ribbon Belt Pants.

Shirt: [M.O.W] Cyan Tank Pocket
Pant: [M.O.W] Utopia F Jeans Blue.
Shoes: [M.O.W] Uran Sneakers Blue.

venerdì 8 marzo 2013


Jacket: [M.O.W] Mini Jacket Zebra.
Pant: [M.O.W] Knotted Jeans.

Jacket: [M.O.W] Mini Jacket Denim.
Skirt: [M.O.W] Jean BC Country Skirt.

Jacket: [M.O.W] Hoodie Sweater - Turquoise.
Short: [M.O.W] Light Blue Denim Shorts.


Hair: MAGIKA Push.
Jacket: [M.O.W] Coat Style.
Short: [M.O.W] HighShort.


1.Bundle Anarky
2.Bundle Musicbox
3.Bundle Zebra
3.Bundle HalloKitty


Hair: LOQ Tiramisu. GIFT
Jacket: [M.O.W] Belt Jacket Fucsia.
Pant: [M.O.W] White cargo jeans.
Shoes: [M.O.W] Urban Sneakers Pink.


Skin: ::MODISH:: Isla. GIFT
Hair: [BURLEY] Stasia.
Top: [M.O.W] Layered Tank.
Skirt: [M.O.W] Belted skirt.

giovedì 7 marzo 2013


Skin: [HUSH] Jenuary Shiver. GIFT
Hair: [ELIKATIRA] Control.
Jacket: [M.O.W] Inflated Jacket.
Pant: [M.O.W] Baggy Jeans.
Shoes: [M.O.W] Urban Sneakers.


Knitted Dress -Black
Knitted Dress -Cute Pink

Knitted Dress -Fucsia
Knitted Dress -Green

Knitted Dress -Light Blue
Knitted Dress -Style Blue

Knitted Dress -Style Grey
Knitted Dress -Style Red

Knitted Dress -Style White
Knitted Dress -White

Skin: AL VULO! Alyss.
Hair: [ELIKATIRA] With.
Dress: [M.O.W] Knitted Dress.


Skin: AL VULO! Ramona.
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Rashida.
Dress: [M.O.W] Candy Dress Style.


Skin: MARKETPLACE cStar Limited - Miss Pisces Fullpack FREE
Make up: STUFF IN STOCK SIS gift - Pink Acid
Hair: MISS.C Miss C. Subscribe Gift / Rain - Fat Pack.
Complete Outfit: ::DELIRIUM STYLE:: D-Style - Medusa Free Gift
Glasses: KENNEDY'S Kennedy's FREE GIFT

mercoledì 6 marzo 2013


Make up: [DIRTY,LITTLE,SECRET] Easter 2012 Gift :: be the bunny
Hair: (RED)MINT c o l o u r ( D e m o ) ( f a n t a s y /w T i p s ). GIFT
Dress: PRISM Sally by Journey in Rhapsody. GIFT


Skin: MARKETPLACE {AIMI} Group Gift January_Lauren
Hair: PLOOM Yuri-Indecisive.
Complete Outfit: MARKETPLACE :FI:. Let It Snow! [Night] Outfit ((50% OFF SALE))25L$


Skin: MARKETPLACE cStar Limited - Candy Pop 2.0 Fullpack FREE
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dawson.
Dress: MARKETPLACE .:FI:. Darling Mesh Dress (January Gift)
Earrings: DONNA FLORA Pasqualina set. GIFT


Skin: MARKETPLACE cStar Limited - Candy Pop 2.0 Fullpack FREE
Hair: [ELIKATIRA Over.
Dress: MAGNOLIA DESIGN Halter Dress (Blue). GIFT


Skin: MARKETPLACE cStar Limited - Candy Pop 2.0 Fullpack FREE
Hair: [ELIKATIRA] Only.
Dress: MARKETPLACE R:R. Floral Blouse and Lace Tights. 15L$
Earrings,Necklace: DONNA FLORA Pasqualina set. GIFT
Shoes: PINK ACID Jackie Wedge - Giraffe Felt - 7 Pack Group Gift